About us

We are team of lighting experts and designers.

Experience accumulated over many years will allow us to realize any type, complexity and volume project, using products of leading European manufacturers. We offer luminaries for private sector, offices, shops, education and public institutions, sport industry, parks and streets, squares and parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses and factories, including illumination of various facades.

Our everyday business is consultations, lighting design and calculations, 3D visualizations, energy audits, most competitive offers and accurate processing of orders.

Our showroom

Our showroom is located in the Forburg quarter, built in 1913 and designed by architect N.Nord, in Rutenberg House, Ausekļa Street. The classical interior combines modern design elements where our clients have opportunity to experience latest lighting trends and wide application possibilities.



Ausekla Street 5, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
t: +371 676 111 90
m: +371 277 733 82
e: info@lumenucentrs.lv

M-F. 8:00 – 17:00
S-Sn. – Free

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Tomass Martinsons

Member of the Board / Project Manager

m: +371 277 733 82

e: tomass@lumenucentrs.lv

Edgars Svetins

Project Manager

m: +371 263 547 40

e: edgars@lumenucentrs.lv

Martins Vanags

Project Manager

m: +371 261 129 92

e: martins@lumenucentrs.lv

Karina Kustova

Project Manager

m: +371 260 672 23

e: karina@lumenucentrs.lv

Rita Petersone

Office Administrator

m: +371 676 111 90

e: rita@lumenucentrs.lv

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